Baker College Online Reports More Students Choosing Online as Education Option

Jan 13, 2012

Upward trend attributed to various factors

Baker College Online officials report an upward trend of new students choosing online as a continuing education option. For fall 2011 quarter, new student enrollment at Baker College Online increased by 7.3 percent compared to the same period in 2010. The College also recorded a 6.5 percent increase in new student enrollment for summer 2011 quarter compared to 2010. According to Dr. Julia Teahen, Baker College Online president, this positive direction is attributed to various factors.

“Due to a somewhat improved economy, more people are returning to the work force while at the same time pursuing a higher education in order to further their careers,” said Teahen. “These individuals are discovering that distance education is the logical choice, as it offers the flexibility to fit courses into busy schedules.”

For people who travel for a living or travel frequently for their jobs, an online education is convenient and practical.

“Online classes are accessible from any computer with an internet connection, so Baker students have the freedom to check email, look at the course curriculum, schedule a group conference and even watch missed class sessions through video recordings,” said Teahen.

An online education is also advantageous to students with disabilities and to people living in rural communities.

“Online classes can be constructed to support students with intellectual and physical disabilities, the deaf or hard-of-hearing, and the blind or vision-impaired,” said Teahen. “For students who live in rural communities, an online education removes geographical barriers.”

For Barbi Nicodemi, a new Baker College Online student who lives in a relatively rural section of Western Michigan, an online education makes the most sense.

“With the high cost of gas, attending an on-ground campus didn’t seem like a very good option for me,” said Nicodemi. “Through Baker College Online, I am able to pursue my dream of a higher education.”

Nicodemi chose Baker College Online because of her daughter’s encouragement.

“Jessi recently began taking courses through Baker’s Online program and loves it,” said Nicodemi. “Without her support and enthusiasm for Baker College Online, I would not have had the strength and the courage to start this process.”

Nicodemi is working toward an associate degree in human resources. Targeted completion date is 2014.

At Baker College Online, affordability, new programs and state-of-the-art technology also contribute to a steadily increasing new student enrollment.

“These features continue to be attractive to individuals interested in a career-focused education,” said Teahen.

A total of 52,877 students throughout the Baker College system took Baker College Online classes during fall 2011 quarter.